We see it as our duty not to treat our mother nature as if we had a second one in reserve.
This topic gains more and more topicality in recent times. But we can say from our behavior that we have always used our thoughts and feelings to protect our living space and to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.
Our motto: We are only guests on this planet.
We have the future in our hands.
We have only borrowed the earth from our children.
These are probably all phrases from the last century, but with the passing of time these sayings are becoming more and more relevant.
What we observe very often are fellow citizens who throw around these slogans, but the action ....
We don't:

We work with gas and electricity from Greenpeace Energie https://www.greenpeace-energy.de
    We drive to our markets / appointments with natural gas powered vehicles (CNG).
    We print on 100% recycled paper www.stp.de
    Our printer works with the latest "Blue Angel" standards
    We repair our machines and tools even if the economy speaks against it. Because, each new produced machine consumes x-times more raw materials and Enerie than the repair of an old one.
We get our leather from southern Germany - Bavaria.

Of course, we are always ready to be advised / instructed where there is still room for improvement. Therefore we would like to have our customers also criticize us. For this from us and in the name of our environment a hearty thank you.
You are welcome to write to us at steffen@brettspielerey.de